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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bombay Dreams!

Happy Birthday Mike! Yesterday was Mike's birthday and we had the best day! The morning started early for Mike as he left for his Saturday 7:00 AM run with his buddies. His first gift of the day was a Mountain Hardwear running jacket that he has been eyeing for some time. I placed it by the back door so he would find it on his way to run. He called me to say how much he loved it and of course he wore it all day! I had to do some convincing to get him to change to go out that evening. We went to see Andrew Lloyd Webber's, "Bombay Dreams", and it was so amazing. (This might explain Mike's goofy pose for his jacket photo.) The choreography and music was spectacular-I am definitely downloading the soundtrack. Afterward we went for a late dinner at Vivo in downtown Cleveland. It is a very swanky Italian place that had an amazing menu and made us wax nostalgic for our perfect honeymoon in Italy.

Mike's other gifts during the day included the famous Brooks Brothers "No Iron Shirt" and a new filing cabinet for our office. He couldn't have been happier! He said that it was the best birthday he has ever had and I was so happy to have made that happen for him. Mike works so hard and takes such good care of our family that he really does deserve to be celebrated. He's not a big celebrater of anything so I am trying to slowly convert him to my love of the "extravaganza"!

So-we definitely recommend the show if you have the chance and if you are ever in Cleveland we'll be happy to take you to Vivo. It was a great day.

Shakalaka Baby!


Jill said...

Happy Birthday to Mike! It sounds like you treated him right and made the day a smashing success.

I'd like to hear more about your honemoon in Italy (i.e., which places you visited, how long you got to stay, etc.) You haven't posted pictures on smugmug have you? I don't recall seeing any. How awesome that you got to have such a great honeymoon.

michelle said...

Perfect honeymoon in Italy? That sounds amazing... Congrats on teaching Mike the ways of celebrating.

Kristi Brooke said...

Yea. i loved reading about your day.
happy birthday mike.
i will look into the play for sure!

Jennifer said...

The photos are in the travel section on my Smugmug site. Maybe I'll so a recap post since I do love to recall the trip.