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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Do you Facebook?

So I first learned about Facebook from my much younger hipper college girl sister over a year ago and I seriously took Facebook for a silly single person format for showing your stuff to "potentials" if you know what I mean. Okay-so I have to admit and I know I am well behind the curve here but its really cool! I am beginning to neglect my family because I just found out how many friends I have! No really-its kind of fun and a little bit addicting and most surprisingly, kind of heartwarming to find friends I haven't' seen or contacted for over 20 years! Am I really this old? I guess I am but the good news is that all those years come with a whole slew of friends that I can now find all in one place. Modern technology grows on me more every day! Can't wait to see your face...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not a rhetorical question

Okay, I know we all feel pretty overwhelmed a lot of the time but this is my genuine request for your input about your own time management. How do you all find the time to do it? To post on your blogs, to read blogs and comment? To keep on top of your laundry? To make a reasonably healthy meal for your family and occasionally and extra for a freind or neighbor in need? How about those days where your don't even manage a 5 minute prayer or perhaps a shower! I want to know the honest truth about what you think is okay to let slide a day or two and how you find a way to slip in the fun stuff. Please share...