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Monday, December 31, 2007

A December to Remember

This December has been one of the nicest I can remember. I should have blogged more often to share the love but I have accepted my limits on time management and I have embraced my ability to update once a month. If I do more I will be thrilled but 2008 is going to be about releasing myself from outside (and self-imposed) pressures to do it all and really enjoying and doing well the smaller list of high priority items. I made a real effort this year to keep Christmas simple and I was very pleased with my increased level of calm and enjoyment of the holiday season. I also noticed a reflection of my state of mind in my family. I think we all had a great time and appreciated being together so much more than years past.

One of the best things about this year was our change of address. Living in California again has been such a blessing for our family for so many reasons. We have spent so much more time with long time friends and family and I feel almost like we have "returned to the fold"! I think we enjoyed our time in Ohio but I now realize how much we missed by living so far away. We have also been so blessed to make new friends quickly and enjoy new traditions in our new community.

The elementary school that our kids attend is outstanding! We have been really happy with the quality of their education and amazed at the heartwarming family atmosphere created within the school community through a wide variety of events and activities. One of the best yet was a special visit from Santa during a morning flag salute assembly. The school sponsored a food drive that would benefit Camp Pendelton Marine Corps families. Santa arrived in a giant camouflaged vehicle with a group of Marines in uniform to pick up four pallets of donated food. Several classes had prepared special musical performances of holiday music and patriotic songs. This video is of some of the kids singing and signing "Proud to be an American" and I'm certain that there was not a dry eye in the group by the time the song ended. It was a great reminder of personal sacrifice and patriotism (my own feelings about this war aside).

***What were your December highlights?***

***Did you do anything different to better appreciate the spirit of the season this year?***