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Saturday, April 19, 2008

This very moment

I really do like to blog. That probably sounds funny since I update so infrequently these days. I do have a life full of many blog-worthy events. I think that is the very reason I don't get to it. I have this trick that my mind plays on me that tells me that I can't blog because I would have to backtrack so far to catch up. Well, today I am done catching up. I'm just going to blog the moment and feel fine about that. I really don't have a huge blog audience to "feed" so this is just a record for myself and a few onlookers. I recently found out that my mom reads and comments on a friend's "Lost" blog but has never commented on mine. I guess my interesting isn't quite as interesting as Prime Time TV! Kidding Mom-just in case you are reading!

Anyway-these photos are from an unusually gray California morning. This is one of my favorite scenes. I love that I have little readers. I also love that they sometimes choose reading over other activities. Now don't be fooled by the photos because today they are reading to earn computer time minute for minute. This is our house rule so the motivation may not be so pure at the moment but some of my favorite words are, "Mom, just one more page..." So Griffin is napping and the boys are reading and I am actually writing all about it-so how it that for "This very moment!"

Too many times, I am catching up or running so fast that I can't remember what I did all day so today I am taking it all in. How about you?
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