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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We live in California!

Well-sort of! Right now our family is split between two cities in CA and most of us are camping out at Grandma and Grandpa's house and we still have one house in Ohio and one in Utah-anyone want to move? Mike and I always try to do things the hard way. But the good news is that the weather is great, we are all seeing each other every weekend or so and we get to hang out with my parents who in spite of our very energetic children, still seem to enjoy our company.

I've said it before and it has to be said again, I hate moving. I am constantly reminding my children not to use the "h-word" but it is just so fitting in this case. we're trying to talk my parents into moving to the San Diego area so that we'll never have to move again.

I am happy to be here and even though we are still not (and probably won't be for awhile) completely settled. I have rekindled a few of my cherished old friendships and spent some quality time with my parents who we have missed terribly being so far away. I love to walk around or drive around and think "we live here!"