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Monday, January 21, 2008

Blessings #1, 2, and three

Here I am approaching the 4th week of January so I need to catch up on my commitment to Cara's 52 Blessings Project. I loved this idea and even though I may cheat and blog a few at a time since I have a hard time keeping up with a weekly post, I feel so blessed and I need to take this opportunity to formally recognize them. Today I recognize three of my blessings that bring me the greatest joy.

First, my husband Mike, for his endless patience, for his love and commitment to me and our family, for his hard working nature and his absolute integrity, for his playful and sensitive sides, for his goofiness, for his borderline OCD (hee hee!), and even for his stubbornness.

Second-which I am reserving the right to further break down and expound upon individually at a later date-my children. McCall, Landry and Griffin are my favorite Dance Dance Revolution teammates, partners in crime, snuggling buddies, milk guzzlers, cookie dough bandits, homework conquerors, bike riding rodeo champs, ripstick shredders, boogie board diehards, and yet, the centers of the tenderest places in my heart.

Third-I have been experiencing a peace and happiness that I can't explain since our family has moved back to California. California is my blessing #3. The constant sunshine energizes my whole being and beach calms my heart and soul and sharing that with my children-any day of the week is a gift for us all. I am a happier person in California.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Project Freedom

Welcome to Project Freedom! I am not free because all of my favorite things to do are trapped in this very messy office. We moved into this house in August and this is the very best this room has looked since we moved here. You can see my problem. Unfortunately, I am one of those people that gets overwhelmed with the size of a project at the outset and I throw my hands in the air and give up. We have downsized considerably in square footage in this new house so this room has become the proverbial "dumping ground". It is the home for computer equipment, sewing machines and supplies, craft supplies, office supplies, and gift wrap supplies. Oh yeah and books, and books, and books...notice how you don't see any in the photo! That is because they are all packed tightly in many boxes underneath the tables running the full length of one wall.

So today I was on the phone with my longtime friend Cara of Garden View Cottage (hee hee Cara!) and we were both lamenting the state of our respective offices. So we came up with a plan to keep each other accountable to provide motivation to get this job done and free ourselves of the burden of mess! I want to free my creativity, free my supplies for creativity, and find peace in this place I usually love to be. Cara's committment to organizing with me was just the motivation I needed so we were thinking that others out there may need "freedom" (and motivation) too. Won't you join us in our mission to find our desktops? Leave a comment and email your photos if it helps you get your groove on! Don't forget to include any great tips you have for ways to organize a space for its best accessibility and convenience-not to mention making a space like this pleasing to be in. Check back for updates on our progress...