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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Moving Countdown...Part One

I knew I was in for trouble when early this year I declared my word for the year to be "FLEXIBLE". I think now my husband and children and maybe even some unsuspecting strangers may consider a change of my wishful-thinking-word to "GRUMPY". I really am trying to be a good sport but I honestly don't think I can find too many people to disagree with me that moving is beyond stressful. I know many of you feel my pain so I won't go on and on but I am up to my eyeballs in my least favorite kinds of details that need attention.

Part one of our move begins at 6:00 AM on Monday when I head to the airport to board a flight with 3 small children (one of them a nursing baby) for about 8 hours of travel time. I am locking up my house to be moved later and have arranged for about 1000 people to help me with the details of caring for, securing, and selling this home-hopefully very soon-while we are away. The good news is that we are headed for Cookie and Poppie's house to increase the adult to child ratio a bit. It will be wonderful to have more hands and we are all excited for the 'extended sleepover', as Jill so kindly puts it! My parents are excited now but we'll see how they feel on day 16 or 26 or... yikes! Hopefully Part Two of the actual move into a house in San Diego before school starts will begin soon. Mike and our realtor are working hard to make that happen.

We have been trying to do all of our "last time in Cleveland" things and we had one blissful evening of an unexpected last that was truly delightful. One of the most exciting things about living in a place with summertime humidity of nearly 80% is the magical appearance of fireflies at dusk. My boys were out in our lush green backyard playing in the trees and I heard squeals of joy as the flickers started to appear. It is a sad fact for fireflies but joyous to children that the poor creatures can't fly very fast and are easily caught and swiftly placed in canning jars. It is kind of an amazing thing to watch a jar of bugs turn into a summertime lantern and just something you don't get to do in sunny California. I was grateful for this last and pleased to know that this is something sweet my children will remember about our years in Ohio.

I long for the days when life seems more stable and permanent but in spite of all this madness I am still excited about the next adventure. I am so looking forward to some time at my childhood home with my own children and my parents especially after my mom's extended illness this year throughout her breast cancer treatment. She is finally feeling herself a lot of the time again and so looking forward to the arrival of "her boys"! It will be good medicine for all of us. (It's funny, every time I have typed the word "good" during this post I have accidentally typed "god"...there must be a message for me in that.)

I will post regularly again soon. Have laptop, will travel and blog!

*Any great secret tips on nursing a baby in public? I'm not so great at it and had a tough time when Griff and I visited Mike in CA in April! Please share!


Cara said...

I love the firefly story. (I forgot to tell you that on the phone) Thanks for the fun chat and good luck on your new adventure! It's going to be great!

:: kerrie :: said...

i miss you and the boys already... come back!!! :)

michelle said...

Fireflies are magical, it's too bad we don't have them in the West. I'm sure your boys will always remember that. I'm convinced that hell is like one perpetual move -- moving is painful in so many ways. I hope your extended sleepover goes well and that every generation gets a chance to relax and make great memories!

Jill said...

Fireflies in Ohio sound magical, but the beach in California (among other things) is too so it's great the boys get to experience everything.

Nursing in public is always tough. I had an easier time of it in the winter when I would wear an open button-front type shirt with a tank or something under it. The button-front shirt served as side coverage so I could just life the tank to nurse. I don't know how practical that is in the summer, but it definitely helps.