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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Life is too short.

I have been completely overwhelmed by a million tiny details and mundane tasks these past few weeks. I have been scattered and impatient and cranky and mean to my kids and quite honestly a major complainer to my truly wonderful and supportive husband.

Until Sunday.

At church our Bishop made a very somber announcement that a family in our ward had lost their 7-year old grandson in Alaska over the weekend when he accidentally drowned. None of the details were shared but you could hear a collective gasp from the congregation and my heart ached for this family I had never met or known and in a flash ached for many families I have known and known of over the years of my life that have experienced heart breaking tragedy. Tears started to roll down my face for this particular loss and also because I knew in my very core that I have got to stop letting the craziness of my life consume me and that I must acknowledge that our life here on Earth may be very short.

I gave my children on my lap and on both sides of me a squeeze and I vowed to slow down, if only in my head, and appreciate. Just appreciate. I am ashamed of the fact that someone elses tragedy is once again my personal lesson in introspection. I wonder if we ever feel that we are "doing alright".

***Is it a testament of perfect humility to recognize our constant lack or to work so diligently that we don't have time to notice?***


Cara said...

what a heartfelt post. I have missed your wisdom. Thank you for the ispiration on slowing down. I need to do that!

Jill said...

I gasped too, what a tragedy and what a wake-up call. It's hard not to let life dictate our moods, especially when life is super stressful but it's truly frightening and humbling when something like this poor family's loss happens.

michelle said...

So sad, Jen. This is a constant battle, isn't it, to appreciate what we have and where we are. Life is just so busy! I feel for that poor family, but I do think it is important for us to learn from their loss. Slow down. Be grateful. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

i don't think i've taken a breath yet. thankyou for this. this week has been hard. both of my little kiddos are sick. which is hard. but it's even more difficult, because they are too young to tell me what's wrong. i can't really do anything for them. the past couple of days have trying, but i need to remember to be greateful, and more appreciative, and be glad that i have them. thanks for this. i needed it.

Laura Huston said...

I know this family, I grew up with the Nichols family (the mother's maiden name)
It is such a sad story, really does make you realize how short life is.