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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April Fool's Day!

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Okay-so every year I am always trying to come up with a great April Fool's Day joke and nothing ever seems good enough to really pull off. Well, this year was too perfect! I was really trying to come up with something good for Mike since he was getting ready to go to CA on Monday. He was so busy packing and taking care of a million things at the house to get it realtor-ready that something told me he might not appreciate a joke about me being pregnant or deciding that I really wished I were a man.

So about mid-day I shifted my devious focus to my kids who are really just now entering the age when they can be just gullible enough and yet enjoy the humor of a great joke. So while we were eating dinner I told them (with no warning to Mike) that we had been looking at houses in San Diego and they were really expensive (that part sadly, is true) so we were planning to buy a house in Mexico instead. I really had them going as I told them about how we would get a tutor for our family to help us learn Spenish and that we might even be able to get a donkey. Landry flat out said, "I'm just not going." (This is not surprising since he is the kid that orders a hamburger when we eat at a mexican restaurant.) I even told them that they would get to eat beans and rice at la cafeteria en la escuela. They were not impressed and McCall looked visibly uncomfortable.

So I could see that they had really taken the bait so I finally said that the only bummer was that Mexico didn't celebrate one holiday that we have in the US-April Fool's Day of course! It really was so funny because they thought we were just nuts and Mike jumped right in and really played it up. Poor kids. I crack myself up!

I actually think I am just getting punchy since I am a little crazed at being single mommy again for the next 3 months while Mike heads out to start his new job in CA. I'm in charge of getting and keeping the house tip top to sell and our next home might need to be a double-wide since homes in San Diego are apparently wallpapered in 24 kt gold. Anybody with friends or family in San Diego County please email because we need help choosing a neighborhood.

Don't get me wrong-I am really excited to be getting back to sunny CA but just absorbing a lot of shock right now. It is a good thing that Griffin is the perfect (albeit giant 95%ile everything) baby. He is the most amazing, sweet natured, adorable, all-night sleeping little creature ever! We are all so happy to have him. He helps me to keep perspective andwatching McCall and Landry dote on him just melts my heart. Mike is dying at being away so we are already sending pictures several times a day and we'll get the webcam going soon.

I'm still breathing and taking the opportunity to exercise my "flexibility" each day!


Cara said...

You are superwoman!! I know how hard it is to be a single Mommy. Tom did start his own Company 4 years ago and this is the 1st year that we have seen him before 10pm. It's a little weird - good, but weird! He wonders why Abby likes me better. Hmmm......
That AFD joke was the best! I should have done something to Cassidy. Next year. Did you read about what happened to my friend Lori? I will NEVER joke about being pregnant! Ever!!!! Love your guts! C

michelle said...

That joke is too funny. Love their reaction. I'm so unfun, I never do anything like that.

I am feeling for you with your single parent status and looking for an affordable home in sunny CA. And trying to keep your home in showable status! Yikes. Good luck is all I can say.

Kristi Brooke said...

Happy Easter!

Jill said...

Good joke on the boys. I never do AFD pranks, I wonder why that is.

I'm so happy that Griffin is such a good baby and that he sleeps through the night. That will be comforting during your home selling/single parent stint. You can do it!