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Sunday, August 06, 2006

At Last I am a Member!

I am thrilled to announce that I have become a full-fledged member of the Good Mail club! I love having friends that are so thoughtful already, only to be reminded by a sweet note or gift in the mail. Today I must make a list of the several items of good mail I received this week-one even quite shocking!

1. A sweet card from Kristi with a notes of congrats on our baby boy news.

2. A funny card from my parents with a note about sending good and happy thoughts to our monkey boy. (we have been calling Baby Vu-Monkey Baby since the get-go because we expect that he will have Mike's fuzzy black head of hair that I love so much) The inside of the card reads: "I think my monkey likes your monkey."

3. A wedding invitation and gorgeous photo of some dear friends. Note: This is the first of my very own designs made professionally and not just for my own pleasure and use that is out in the world!

4. A package with a bundle of cuddly flannel baby boy receiving blankets from Jill to celebrate our baby boy news. They are so soft and make me hungry for the little warm body to fill them with!

5. A very unexpected letter from a dear elderly friend of my husband Mike sent days before his death (cancer). We knew he was about to pass and had been thinking and talking about him when a friend of his called Mike to get our address a few weeks ago. This kind and generous gentleman sent us a significant monetary gift that we were stunned by. In his honor we decided that we will only use the money for things for the baby since they will be "passing in the night" so to speak. We were so touched by his kindness and I am warmed by the knowledge that Mike was considered such a close friend to a dear man.

It is so wonderful to have such thoughtful and inspiring friends in our lives. Thank you all for thinking of us!


Jill said...

Wow, you had a great week of good mail, that's the best!

Congrats on your first professional announcement, it looks beautiful.

What's up with receiving a significant monetary gift? I wish some of those would come my way. What a blessing.

I hope you're feeling great. I'm sure you're looking cute. Please tell me you're having Mike take pictures of you as you expand?! You know how fast the pregnancy really goes and how easy it is to forget what you really looked like, it's for historical purposes.

Kristi Brooke said...

what a great mail week. you deserve it!

tell us more about the wedding invite.
girl i can't wait to see where you go with this card stuff, you are so talented.

Jennifer said...

Well-I have learned much from the Master-Kristi! The wedding invites are a thing I have going on a small scale just word of mouth but I am happy to report this first order went off without a hitch and I am currently working on a big order for a local girl for invites, menus, favors and wedding party packets. It is so much fun and no Bridezillas so far!

michelle said...

Excellent mail! I love your announcement -- you have such a gift.

I second Jill's remark about pregnancy photos. I always end up not having very many and totally regretting it!