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Friday, August 25, 2006

Where did the summer go?

It is amazing how fast the summer always seems to fly by. We spend so much of it traveling (which I can't complain about at all) that sometimes I feel a little cheated at the great lazy days at home part. The boys went back to school last week and our posts have been so infrequent that here we are once again doing a huge catch up entry showing where our summer went.

Well, if you know me at all you know that it went to the beach and the pool...

And it went to the park and the zoo...

Some of us learned how to ride a bike and inline skate!

We made cookies and treats...

We had brother sleepovers--not quite ready for sleep overs away from home so we improvise!

We had a great time at Cookie and Poppie's in California... (Paddleboating at Dennis the Menace Park in Monterey)

And then last Wednesday, our summer went to Kindergarten and Third Grade...does this kid look excited or what? I think "or what" would be his answer. Landry said his teacher was "sort of nice but didn't have a really good smile." When I asked him what he meant by a really good smile his adorable son-of-the-year response, "You know mom, like yours." Ahhh...I guess that made up for McCall's endless comments as we took him to school about how few other mothers were actually present. Do parents really stop taking their kids to the first day of school in 3rd grade? I think my mom came with me to every year of grade school. After refusing to kiss me goodbye and barely tolerating this one photo, McCall said, "Okay Mom, you can go now and for sure in 4th grade you are not coming inside with me." Wow! I was speechless and cried all the way home. I can laugh about it now but do any of you feel my pain this time of year? Should they really be allowed to grow up? I told Landry when we got in the car that I would give him $100 if he would stop growing and he considered it for a second and then said, "No way! I wanna be big!"


Jill said...

That story about McCall and the first day of school is painful, I would have cried all the way home too! Why do they have to grow up and be like that? It hurts too much.

It looks like you did all kinds of fun stuff this summer. We didn't travel, didn't go to the zoo, and didn't make cookies either. Great Scott, what did we do? My mind is reeling.

michelle said...

such cute photos! I especially love the one with their goggles on. Brother sleep-overs are the best. We had a lot of those this summer, too.

I don't have a problem with the first day of school. Maybe I'm hardened, like Jill says! I take my kids to the school entrance and take photos, then send them on their way. Sorry you got the boot for 4th grade, but that comment about your smile just melts my heart! What a sweet kid.