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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The boys win again!

Apparently I am meant to wash dirty socks and sports uniforms for the rest of my living days because the boys team takes another win in our family! I know that I have always said and firmly believed that I was somehow meant to be a mother to a daughter but we found out this morning that get to have another go with a boy. Its a good thing I love having these rough and tumble creatures in my life! Actually, in many ways I am relieved to be getting one more of a great thing. I know what to do with boys and they seem to love their mama. This pregnancy has been tough and because I was so sick this time and not with the first two I was pretty convinced that this would be a girl. I even allowed myself to think mostly girl and bought a few things that will either have to go back and be exchanged for something a little less pink or will be gifts for future ballerinas! It was fun while it lasted but this also means I have a lot more of what we will need already on hand. Last night we actually watched the video recording of McCall's and Landry's ultrasounds to get us all really excited for today. We brought the boys with us for the appointment and they loved watching the screen and guessing what baby body part we were looking at. They had seen their big "reveal" on the video last night so when the doc got to that point they raised up their hands and cheered for a new addition to the team! It was so fun to see how excited they were. Mike and I were surprised but of course we are so happy that the baby is healthy and looks strong. We are thinking of the name "Elliot" but I'd love to hear any of your great suggestions of favorites. My favorite thing about knowing that I will have another boy is that I still get to keep my title of "Princess Mommy". I do have to say I adore the special treatment of being the only girl in the house!


Jill said...

Oh my gosh, I've been checking your blog like crazy and waiting for the news, congratulations! I wanted a girl for you very much, but maybe you'll just keep having babies, ha. Elliott is my very favorite boys name ever and I always thought I'd get to use it, but that's not to be.

Kristi Brooke said...

i have been the same as jill checking constantly to see what the baby will be. I am so happy for you! It is going to be great and i second jill maybe there is more to come.

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michelle said...

Hooray! Like you said, you know what to do with boys and you already have all the gear! A girl would be wonderful, but boys are wonderful as well. I have to say, I love the name Elliott! I hope you are starting to feel better. Are you still sick?

Jennifer said...

Happy to say that I am feeling great! It is so great to have my energy back but it is amazing how quickly one forgets how big the belly gets!