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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Last Day of last!

Last year we started the tradition with McCall and continued a long-standing tradition in my family of the daily lunch napkin note. Today was one of my favorite notes to write-the Last Day of School note. I think I look forward to the end of the school year as much as the kids. Our pool is open and Landry and I have already spent several days in the sun and chlorine. McCall has waited with envy for his day which will come tomorrow, barring some impending rain.

At our year end party today we made the second grade teacher, Miss Sperli into a "Queen for a Day". Now some of you may remember that I have not had the fondest regard for our second grade experience so this was one of those moments where I tried to be appreciative of the good things that happened this year and put aside my angst over the rotten things that went down. Of course I was asked at the last minute to co-host this party and come up with a wonderful class gift that was queenly in nature. I made a fun apron and embroidered "Queen Miss Sperli" on the front and had the kids sign it. It turned out really cute and the teacher was so touched by the gesture. I had to repent for my bad private attitude a bit (even though I have done my best to disguise it) especially when I opened McCall's year end portfolio. His teacher had compiled a wonderful collection of his work and photos of McCall at every big event and field trip throughout the year. Each child received a packet and I know Miss Sperli had gone to great lengths to prepare the packets for each child. I know that in spite of our differences in ideas for helping my son academically, she had a genuine care for his progress and his second grade experience. I am glad that I did make the effort to show her our appreciation. I also feel somewhat humbled.

On a lighter topic...I live for summer. I don't mind Fall and Winter so much but I really do love the hot hot weather and the fun to be had in the sun. I like our lazy days and I love our summer trips. I love eating outside on the deck and grilling almost every night. I love giant Cherry Cokes with tons of ice and Lemon sorbet at Mitchell's. I love tan feet and my kids' hair turning toehead. I love the smell of sunblock and my favorite summer skin indulgence, Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter. I even love washing an entire load of swimming suits and pool towels nearly every day. There are endless more things I love about summer but most of all I love lazy mornings when the kids crawl into bed with us and we plan out our entertainment and even yes, our chores for the day.

What are your favorite things about the season de Sol?


michelle said...

That apron was so darling -- I love the fabric! I'm glad you could put aside your bad feelings and appreciate the good things the teacher did. About summer: I don't love it. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons because they have the mildest weather. I like being able to wear long sleeves without sweating to death. I just really don't like to be hot. Too bad Summer is the longest season in Utah! (or at least it feels that way) I do enjoy the freedom of it, sprinklers and pools, grilling on the deck, and the best part is summer fruits! and flip flops.

Jill said...

I don't love summer either, fall and spring make me giddy. I hate to be too hot,but there are definitely things about summer that I DO love. I love the bright colors of swim suits and clothes, I love tan skin, I love the feel of the air at night, I love that there are carnivals and celebrations going on, I love the flowers growing in my yard, I love the sense of possibility in each day, I love outdoor concerts, my birthday is in the summer, and I love popsicles.

Claudissima said...

I love SUMMER in fact is my favorite season! I love all the things that everyone has mentioned but wished it got dark at 11:00 like in Paris...that would top it all off! Love getting floaties for the pool and spending days at the beach with panninis or pizza. They are delightsome

Kristi Brooke said...

jen. the apron is darling!!
what a cute idea for the queen theme!