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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Catching Up!

At last, we are all systems go on our computer so now I have to catch you all up on what has been happening in my life. So the highlights:

Backing way up to nearly a full month ago, McCall was baptized by his "Poppie" on April 15th in Logan, Utah. Many of our family members live in Utah and grandparents flew in from California and New Mexico to be there. It was a really great day for McCall and our family.

We spent spring break in Utah and enjoyed seeing friends (loved seeing Michelle and Jill!) and family. Mike wasn't able to come with us because of the recent primary election (now past, thankfully) so in spite of the fun of our trip, I was anxious to get home to him. However, I did find once home that we weren't going to be seeing much of Mike anyway. He was working crazy hours and sadly still seems to be.

The conversion to electronic voting has been a challenge for Ohio to say the least. Have any of you voted with new electronic voting equipment yet? Here is what our machines look like. It is very cool and we hear that people love using them. The challenge is in the technical responsibilities of operating and troubleshooting the machines-which is typically managed by volunteer poll workers with a wide range of technical skill. So Mike is dealing with big changes and ruthless fault-finding media and politicos. He needs a vacation!

Baby news is good. The pukey feeling is subsiding-yeah! Not completely gone but food is seeming a little more interesting to me at points throughout the day which is a good thing. It is such a huge blessing that my boys are fairly independent and can do a lot for themselves because I have been very slow-moving. I feel for any of you that have had pregnancies with small children. I have respect! I definitely feel like I am rounding the first trimester corner though so this is good. I'll keep you posted as things move on but for now the only real news is that nothing fits! I didn't even need stretchy waitbands when I was pregnant with McCall until I was almost 6 months along. This body is not quite the same one it was back then!

Drechsler family news is about missionaries. Emily is now in Erfort, Germany and has gotten off to a great start. She spoke in her ward, in German, on her first Sunday in the country. The town is small-more like a village and is picture perfect Europe. I understand that it is amazing at Christmas. I'm sure anywhere in Germany is wonderful at Christmas but apparently this village goes all out. Can't wait to see photos. Here is a stranger's photo I found on the web-sorry I can't credit the photographer. Looks wonderful. Reminds me of our Italy trip. My parents will hear from Em on Sunday for Mother's Day and we can't wait for the real time update!

Scotty is in Germantown, Tennessee (coincidentally!). He is working hard and has a great new
companion that he really likes. It turns out that this guy is the grandson of some of my parents' old friends from southern CA so they were excited to make the connection. Scotty will also call our family this weekend so we are all looking forward to hearing his voice. My boys really miss him. He is such a great example for them. They bless our missionaries in every single prayer!

Spring news is the best! We couldn't be happier for the beautiful Spring that has sprung at last! The yard is coming alive and I have to really drive slow down the driveway to the garage so that I don't squish any of the wildlife. Here are a few shots of our signs of spring-even though it shows up a bit later in Ohio. I am definitely in my prime in the springtime. I am a much happier person when I have dirt under my fingernails.


michelle said...

Is that picture outside your house?? Gorgeous. Amazing. Enviable. It looks like it could be someplace in Europe. I hate humidity, but you can't argue with the kind of lush green beauty that it produces.

As for that photo of us, do you kind of feel like one of these things is not like the other?...

Jennifer said...

Only that sweet baby of yours! I loved seeing you guys and it made me grateful for the powerful influences for good you all were for me in college. I have benefitted from your freindship in so many ways over the years in spite of our lack of contact for much of the time. I'm so happy you are actively in my life again. PS-yes this is my front door and my backyard. I do have to admit I have a bit of bliss here from about mid-April through June and then we live in the "swamp"!

Jill said...

Jen, I'm so glad you're back online and able to update. You've had a lot going on this past month so it's unfortunate that you couldn't blog about it.

The picture of all of us cute (I fear for my neck) and Eva's expression cracks me up.

Your house is so cute, I hope you'll document your whole house and put it in your smugmug galleries so we can see your cute world.

Claudissima said...

beautiful pictures! That picture of Michelle and Jill looks very pretty with the tree behind you guys!