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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Countdown

So I have had a few questions about Baby News and my answer is not yet...but very soon! We are scheduled for c-section delivery on or before July 16th. I haven't updated in FOREVER so for anyone who hasn't spoken or emailed or FB'd with me lately, it is for sure a boy. I have had many ultrasounds this time around and every time they tell me, "Yep, it is still a boy." I will definitely post photos when he arrives. He appears to have quite a bit of hair and they tell me he is going to be a whopper so this should be fun! Can't wait to meet our new baby bird.

(Bird Nest by Keith Taylor)

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Jill said...

Hey Jen, I'm glad you posted something! I've been clueless about your pregnancy and have been wondering about you. Good luck!