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Saturday, April 19, 2008

This very moment

I really do like to blog. That probably sounds funny since I update so infrequently these days. I do have a life full of many blog-worthy events. I think that is the very reason I don't get to it. I have this trick that my mind plays on me that tells me that I can't blog because I would have to backtrack so far to catch up. Well, today I am done catching up. I'm just going to blog the moment and feel fine about that. I really don't have a huge blog audience to "feed" so this is just a record for myself and a few onlookers. I recently found out that my mom reads and comments on a friend's "Lost" blog but has never commented on mine. I guess my interesting isn't quite as interesting as Prime Time TV! Kidding Mom-just in case you are reading!

Anyway-these photos are from an unusually gray California morning. This is one of my favorite scenes. I love that I have little readers. I also love that they sometimes choose reading over other activities. Now don't be fooled by the photos because today they are reading to earn computer time minute for minute. This is our house rule so the motivation may not be so pure at the moment but some of my favorite words are, "Mom, just one more page..." So Griffin is napping and the boys are reading and I am actually writing all about it-so how it that for "This very moment!"

Too many times, I am catching up or running so fast that I can't remember what I did all day so today I am taking it all in. How about you?
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michelle said...

This is so great, Jen! This is my favorite kind of post to do myself, just a great moment, or one thing that happened during my day. Such cute photos, too. I think every mom would thrill to hear, "just one more page!"

carrie & troy keiser said...

I love your last line! SO true it is.

Jenifer said...

Yay for reading! I always let them finish the chapter, it's hard to say no when they are reading! It's great to have you back!

Tasha said...

That baby is delicious! Loved the pictures. A once in a while CA gray day is a great thing! A string of them (well months really!) are getting old!

Any plans to come to Logan? Any embroidery projects??? I need some creativity thrown my way!

.:kerrie:. said...

So not fair that you give me one little picture of Griffin! I want more!!

It pleases me to no end that the boys love reading (even if it is for computer time). Their future high school English teachers will thank you :)

Tell everyone I said hello!

andrea said...

Griffin is so darling! I love that your boys love reading! I hope my kids do when they're older. I am so glad to see new pictures, I bet you are having a great time by the lucky girl you!

Cara said...

1st- off you have 5 comments so you DO have a following.
2nd- I am sooo stealing this reading/computer time idea!!! Webkinz rule around here for both girls so this is a grand idea!!!
3rd-glad you are back and I'm hoping for some more "moments" to gleen from! Ü

Anny said...

So fun to see the boys in such a great moment. This year is the first year that I have had to tell my boys to "put the book down and do your jobs first!" What a darling picture of Griffin, he is so cute. It's good to hear from you again. Everytime I checked in and saw your "mission accomplished" post, I would feel guilty. SOOO, I am going to join you and Cara in your "project freedom". My office is 10 times worse than both of yours. Yikes. Give me a few weeks or months:)

Jill said...

Is it wrong that I love seeing your beautiful home in the background of all your photos? Everything you own has such great style.

I think having the kids read to earn computer time minutes is brilliant. My mom did that one summer for us so we could earn tv time, and it was a life-changing summer.