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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My "Word" for 2007

So, I am sad to admit I have become more of a lurker of late than a blog participator, but I haven't stopped thinking about all of your sparks of inspiration that really make me think-- in absence of actual writing. I have especially been thinking about my word for the year and in light of recent events which I will elaborate on soon, my word for the year is "flexible" --well, really it is "be flexible". A newborn is re-teaching me the "go with the flow" required by his presence in our lives, my big boys' ever increasing scheduling requirements (not to mention their need for my attention) are testing my Franklin Planning skills, my husband's need for my support in many ways is nearly sending me to Dr. Phil, the demands of church and school responsibilities are pushing me to the brink of saying an occasional "no", and a mother and grandmother needing much love, support and daily phone calls are squeezing the very most out of my maximum capacity 19 hour days (not that I would trade it for anything). I know we are all in the same proverbial boat and I so appreciate reading about your lives to know that I am not alone in my daily quest for balance and hopefully progress. I think I have the beginnings of flexibility but control of my personal existence is pretty important to me and I am about to begin a course certain to involve some spinning. The prize I have my eye on is a mastery (or at least a decent appearance) of breathing in between calm recitations of my mantra "it is all going to be okay". So, here I go. Today I will bend in several different directions and my goal is to flex back to center at the end of it. Then tomorrow I can start again.


michelle said...

So glad to hear from you again, Jen! Ah, the quest for balance, the perennial difficulty for mothers... you stated it so well. I especially liked the very end where you talked of bending and hoping to come back to the center. Be flexible. I love it. Good luck in your endeavors, and I hope we will be hearing more details soon!

Claudissima said...

I think there is a lot of wisdom in this word...especially with a baby. I love how everyone is working on a special word to focus on...I am narrowing it down. Great pic!

Jill said...

What a great sentiment/mantra/word for the year. I'm so glad you've been lurking, even if you don't get to comment or post as often as you'd like it's good that you can still be a part of things.

Your life sounds so busy and demanding right now. You're not only experiencing smotherhood, but smaughterhood and smifehood too! I hope you're finding moments just for you!

Kristi Brooke said...

glad to see you again. i have been thnking about you. great new word of the year.