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Friday, January 19, 2007

Signs of Life

Okay-so my life has been completely overtaken in the very best way possible. Griffin has been such a source of such pure joy in our house that it seems all we can all manage is to sit and play with him and tell each other how happy he makes us. Meanwhile, life is moving forward and I am getting seriously behind. I am barely keeping up which is why my Christmas cards turned into New Year's cards and those are not even all mailed out yet. I'm showering every couple of days now so that is progress and my family is getting regular meals so I keep assuring myself that we will get day! There are many days that I don't leave the house and my friends and neighbors have been so amazing to help with rides for the big boys and taking care of errands wherever they can. I actually attended a PTA meeting last week and my husband came home and saw that I had dressed AND did my hair and makeup and was astonished. Sad.

Anyway, I have had blog guilt now for several weeks so I am back to show signs of life and show off our little sweetie. I have at least 4 blog topics saved in my drafts so slowly I plan to catch up and get connected again. Many of you have sent wonderful and unbelievably thoughtful gifts and I am full of regret about my very tardy thank you notes. I think of you every day and my formal thanks are on the way. It means so much to me to be remembered in your busy lives. You all amaze me with your kindness and organization! I have all kinds of resolutions!

Keep watching for more...I promise!


michelle said...

What a beautiful photo!

I'm glad you're able to shower and get dressed sometimes and getting that glimmer that life can get back to normal.

I always feel overwhelmed in those first couple of months -- at least you have a great reason to not have all your cards out yet!

Cara said...

Jen, he is SO cute!!! I love new babies. Their smell, their little cry, how suggley they are. You are so lucky!!!! love Cara

Jill said...

I'm happy to see any signs of life coming from you. I'm sure starting over with a new baby has completely rocked your world, but you sound so good. Don't feel guilty for a moment about thank-you notes or anything else right now. Cut yourself lots of slack and just enjoy that sweet baby. He's so handsome.

Tasha said...

He is a beautiful baby! That newborn fog is something, eh?

Kristi Brooke said...

yea. can't wait to see more cute photos and such.

enjoy those moments and forget the stuff that doesn't really matter, take of you too!!