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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fall Photos and another Wedding Invitation "Put to Bed"

I spent a few hours this week taking photos of the boys and we had so much fun. The Fall is so beautiful here and lake Erie is such a beautiful backdrop for photos that I can't stand to waste it. Here are some of the best shots of the boys. They seem like such sweet brothers in photos! The camera doesn't always capture the moments of punching and pushing in between loving cherubic smiles! I'm so happy that we took the time to do this.

We are also cheering because the election is over and Mike survived! It is a great feeling and now we can actually enjoy the last few weeks before baby arrives. We just scheduled our delivery for the 30th so assuming Griffin cooperates, we'll be having some excitement early that morning-yahoo! Can't wait!

Just put one more wedding invitation job "to bed" so to speak. The bride and groom to be are very happy and we've all been getting compliments. This is starting to get really fun for me but I can see that I am only going to be able to take clients that are really willing to pay the price for my time. It consumed my life for a lot more time than I anticipated. I had to babysit the printers because I was so concerned about the quality of everything. The photos don't really do the actual pieces much justice but in the end they really did turn out beautiful. The paper is a pearly silver with a blush tone to it. We used vellum envelopes for the outer envelopes so the initials of the B & G showed through underneath the area to be addressed. The bride is adorable and was happy to pay whatever I asked and even brought me a thank you gift because she was so thrilled! Now if only I can count on all of my jobs being so delightful! I'm working on a family Christmas card now so things are moving along! My goal is to start making enough money to justify hiring a housekeeper-isn't that pathetic? A girl has to have goals!


Kristi Brooke said...

why is everyone such an incredible photogrpher! those photos are amazing!
jen the wedding invite wonderful. you are so great!
i have been thinking of ya'll after the election Mike must be so tired.
i do think now you need to move to d.c. now, maybe he can help with the VA recount.
love you!

Jill said...

Congratulations on another wedding invitation job, they look beautiful!

The photos of the boys are great too, that top one with the golden leaves behind them is wonderful. It's always a good idea to take pictures.

I'm glad you guys survived the elections and that you have a few weeks to chill out before the baby arrives. So exciting!

michelle said...

Great photos, Jen. Your boys are adorable. I am so impressed with your invitations, Christmas cards, etc. and jealous!

Crystalyn said...

i got your comment on my to hear from you. i had my very first baby on november 26th. i never would have dreamed of having a baby around the holidays but there is just so much anticipation in the air that it makes having a baby even more exciting! i hope everything goes well. new babies are so much fun (even though they are so much work!). i'll check back in. i love seeing other people's photos. your boys are adorable.

Crystalyn said...

forgot to tell you i was impressed you knew my vase was SLAH. did you get anything at your party? i'm a consultant in SLC but mostly do just friends and family...haven't been a huge "party girl" in the last year or so.

Claudissima said...

those pictures look so nice and the ambiance so automish! wow

Kristi Brooke said...

happy birthday today

Tasha said...

Definately charge enough to make your time worth it! You do amazing work Jen! I love the pics of the boys and I can't wait to see Griffin too!