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Monday, October 23, 2006

Officially Fall

Today we woke up to a real chill in the air and found that we had a dusting of snow on our roof. Its a little early for my taste but our limited seasonal history in Ohio has taught us that usually we have an early cold snap and then we get just a little Indian Summer right before Halloween allowing for a comfortable evening of jacket-less Trick-or-Treating. We have a little time so we're crossing our fingers and toes!

It is hard to feel the cold since we have really had a beautiful fall so far. Here are some of the great things we've been doing in our amazing weather:

1) Soccer, soccer, and more soccer.

2) Picking apples and pumpkins at Mapleside Farms-a completely enchanting experience I have to say.

3) Halloween partying! In this picture you can see some of the fun Halloween pillowcases we made for some of our favorite friends in Utah. My mom came up with a great little poem set to the basic lyrics of "5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed." Email me for our pumpkins version.

4) Oh...and growing a pumpkin of our own! (Sorry-the evening was dying and I'm wearing black so miraculously you can't fully appreciate my HUGE belly!)

And then when it snowed we decided to "Race for the Cure" at a walking and Burley-riding pace of course. Yes-we had a nice polar blast for our walk but nobody complained. They even had the nerve to serve free "Pink Ribbon Chip" ice cream from our favorite neighborhood ice cream shop, Mitchell's Homemade Icecream .

Thank you once again to all of you who support our race for Cookie! She is doing well and begins her chemo treatments on November 2nd. We expect her hair to start falling out after about 2 weeks of treatments and she has decided to go "hat" rather than "wig" so please send me any ideas you have about cute hat sources!


Jill said...

You look so cute (as always) and not huge like you've made yourself sound. You don't even look pregnant in the pictures at the pumpkin patch. It's so fun to see what you're doing and to see snippets of your cute house. Your table set up is beautiful.

You definitely have a way.

Kristi Brooke said...

jen you look amazing!

your home is to die for and your have such great style! love it.

michelle said...

Your house is so darling, I love to see it. I agree with Jill, I was trying to see you pregnant, and I couldn't even really tell!

I love fall and pumpkin patches, cold snaps, the whole deal. I can't imagine jacket-less trick or treating -- that never happens here! In fact, it snowed yesterday.

Kristi Brooke said...

happy Halloween today.

melanie said...

My cousin just finished her breast cancer treatments. She was given some of the coolest handmade hats. She looked awesome in them when she was bald. She did get a wig but later regretted it. Too itchy and fake feeling to her. She works in a doctors office and a patient made them for her. She has been looking for a person to 'pass' them on to. Would you be interested? I found your site off of Jill's blog. If you are, please email me at

Claudissima said...

OH I love the pictures! The picture of your house looks so adorable also the one with the table set up!